GODDEZZ announce ambient and downtempo compilation, ‘Taraxia’


London-based label and party series GODDEZZ have announced a new compilation titled Taraxia, which explores tranquil and meditative sounds.


A departure from the euphoric and rave-indebted sonics that have graced their previous releases and form the music policy at their events, the music across the 19 track release touches on ambient, downtempo, ASMR and contemporary classical, and is designed for winding down to and as a form of escapism.

Contributors include label bosses Kalli and portara0000, as well as SHE Spells Doom, Suren Seneviratne, Eluize, Avsluta, Salamanda, Sarah Bates and many more, all of whom help make the beautiful world of Taraxia a reality.


As well as throwing parties with the likes of Aloka, Angel D’lite and Kiara Scuro, GODDEZZ host a monthly show on Rinse FM and have released music on their label from SEO John, Hex Editor and Coco Bryce.

1. Salamanda – Fin Immature
2. tenndril – Dopla
3. Avsluta – Dawn On The Other Side
4. E00 – Etiraenil
5. Suren Seneviratne – Harmonophone
6. Dreamtree – Okno Rehab
7. SHE Spells Doom – Feliciano
8. Sarah Bates – The Sun Falls To Earth
9. Goldefish – Ressusurate
10.Oliver Coates – As If My Ears Have Swallowed Light
11. Mu Tate – DD
12. Stacie-Anne Churchman – Sarang
13. Eluize – Inertia
14. Jordan Edge – Ichibin
15. Oliver Coates – cello 2 m.expl
16. Safejas – Popp
17. Kalli – Luca Manuka
18. Kenji Kihara – Fast Asleep
19. portara0000 – Pan Dreams

Taraxia is out on 24th June via GODDEZZ.