Aboutface releases climate emergency-themed LP with profits going to charity

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Conceptual producer Aboutface has released The water that glows like dancing glass cuts crimson, an LP themed around the urgent climate emergency, with all profits being donated to Extinction Rebellion’s legal fund.

Built using poetry imagined in his dreams and sound recordings of a polar expedition, supplied by the Alfred Wegener Institute, the tracks are a blend of stirring soundscapes, electronica and IDM-influenced synth work and intricate drum patterns.

He works alongside long-term violin collaborator Taro and dream prose reciter Leyla Pillai to create a surreal sonic world that explores a collective dream realm and the disappearing polar cryosphere.


On the subject of the release, he says “I pursued a project based on glaciology and the consequences of rising sea levels. A lot of recordings from AWI are taken from polar locations that aren’t there anymore, as well as the mammals that once inhabited it, because the glaciers and ice shelves are retreating rapidly. This LP presents a piece of aural history.”

The LP follows his debut album ºs on AD93 last year as well as a handful of EPs for the likes of Dark Matter, Coordinates and *Back Home.

Watch the music video for the opening track below, which uses old VHS tapes of nature shows, soft porn, and documentaries on Serbian/Yugoslavian dictator Miloševićs.


The water that glows like dancing glass cuts crimson is out now. Rush Hour, the exclusive distribution partner in the EU/WW, are selling the LP at a fixed price of €19.99, without any erroneous import/customs taxes as a result of the UK leaving the EU. Cop the release from Rush Hour or Bandcamp.

All profits from this release will be donated to Extinction Rebellion’s legal fund to help provide counsel to those protesting against contributors to the climate emergency.