Premiere: Infuso Giallo – Ocular Soda (Niklas Wandt Remix)


Five producers come together to remix the Kame House co-founder’s debut LP.

Her eyes said more than her words ever could. Though she thought she kept her cards close to her chest and her secrets safely guarded, her eyes were always the giveaway. However subtle or passing a look might be, she couldn’t mask the deep emotions that were clouding her mind, the fog only became more and more visible. The book was firmly open and her pages were there to be read.


Last year saw the release of Ocular Soda, a debut LP from Kame House co-founder Infuso Giallo, which also marked the first ever tape release from the German imprint. This has now evolved into a live show, which sees him mixing audio and visual for a complete sensory experience. It doesn’t stop there though, as another accompaniment the label have rounded up friends and family to contribute their own remixes of the LP. Covering breakbeat, acid, downtempo and more, the reworks come from the likes of Anatolian Weapons, Globus and our pick from producer, percussionist and Salon Des Amateur affiliate Niklas Wandt.