Premiere: O – Wells – Moldoom

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

Futuristic electro from German producer O – Wells.

The mountains were tall, the black tinged rocks could be seen jagged and abhorrent against the fluffy white clouds of which they poked through promptly. It were as if they’d touched down upon another planet, they were ghosts lost far from home, cold faint shadows dotted against a vast expanse and structures which had been here long before them.

The cold wind bounced and reverberated between the ragged cliff faces, blowing a dusting of snow downwards towards whatever lay beneath. How the hell they might ever make it down they did not know, for now all they could do was cling on for dear life.


O – Wells is a producer whom we have followed carefully over the years. He’s released music on the likes of Live at Robert Johnson, Chiwax and many more but has most notably made Die Orakel his home where he has released music alongside the guidance of Oli Hafenbauer and has grown in potential and prosperity as an artist.

His latest EP features four club focussed tracks made up of futuristic electro and techno.

Listen below: