Premiere: Fossil Archive feat. ZaaZaa – Pattern Repeat

FAUK013 – A-Side – B&W Background 3000 x 3000

The London-based producer teams up with Kiara Scuro’s ZaaZaa for the lead track on his new EP.

Everyday felt the same, there was little variation in the tasks and activities that filled their time. Spontaneity was a non-existent idea – repetition ruled their every move. It had become such a normal way of living that now they didn’t know any different, any alternate options or changes to their routine through everything into disarray. They’d given up fighting it, repeating patterns would forever be their reality.


Having made a mark with his debut LP last year on Kneaded Pains, Fossil Archive now returns to his own eponymous label for a new solo EP, Pattern Repeat. Made up of four tracks of celestial acid, emotive techno and hypnotic trips for the dance floor, the release is a taster of all the things Fossil Archive does best.

For the title track he teams up with Kiara Scuro’s ZaaZaa who provides ethereal vocals that lift the track into the heavens. This isn’t the first time the pair have joined forces with Fossil Archive and Sub Club’s Stevie Cox bringing the singer, producer and DJ on board for their recent collaborative EP for Hammer’s Remmah imprint.