Premiere: Genius of Time – Purple Motus

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

The return of a magnificent duo.

The words that she spoke were soft and beautiful – they rolled off the tongue and seemed to echo upon the breeze before fading into the silence of the night which surrounded them.

There was magic in the air as they sat beside the fire, looking out upon a world they’d never imagined might be out there. This was very different from home, far removed from the hustle of the city streets and the strife of work.

Out here they could be fully as themselves, attached to the plants and wild things which grew here in a way that did not make sense but felt warm and kind. This was a purple world…


When this one hit the inbox we were all quite excited. Genius of Time are one of our favourite duos and the pair have been quiet in recent times. This is their first release for a few years and it demonstrates just how magnificent they are when it comes to building mystical euphoria through melodies, samples and drums.

This is the third track from the EP which is forthcoming on Oath, we suggest you play it loud.