Premiere: ID_UA – People Know


Ukraine-based label Povilno start life with a Various Artists EP.

Call it female instinct; she knew something wasn’t right. It happened years and years ago, the memory had been buried deep in the back of her mind, and with it the overwhelming guilt. She’d assumed she’d made it over the hurdle of being found out, that any chance of the truth coming out had long died out, but recently something told her that people knew. Slight glances, blunt interactions, distant relationships; these all led her to believe one thing, it was only a matter of time before the truth reared its ugly head.


What started out as an event series in their home of Kyiv is now being expanded by co-bosses Kostya Kottov and Techija to include a fresh label. Much like the sounds and styles that Povilno have championed through their parties, the inaugural outing – a compilation featuring artists from across the globe – concerns itself with psychedelic rhythms, leftfield downtempo and hypnotic slow burners. There’s music from Inside Out co-founders Stevie R and Parisinos, from Lithuanian talent Roe Deers, Povilno label mate ID_UA and many more, who all help set the tone for what we can expect from the label in the future.