Premiere: Lorca – Polly

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Lorca releases his debut album via Bristol based label Shall Not Fade.

There were beautiful flowers all around, it were as if they were cascading from themselves, perched atop the hillside only to meet the deep, dense, radiant blue of the sky above.

To the locals they were known as ‘polly’ flowers – to those from afar they were something far more fabulous. Wandering amidst the myriad of colours he could feel each stem brushing against his legs, a reminder of the very fact that he was tied and connected to this earth by more than just gravity alone. It held him here, at one with all else in natures delicate balance. That was all…


Lorca is a bit of an unsung hero of British house music, in the early 2010’s he released a collection of music which cemented the direction of the genre in the UK and appeared on key labels such as Church and Naked Naked.

Since then he has continued to release new material, broadening his style and sound. This is perhaps most evident on the release of his very first album on the Bristolian record label Shall Not Fade, a fitting home for a label that his early material may well have inspired.