Premiere: Locked Groove – Kyoto

5 Minute Read

A dreamy ode to a city far away forthcoming on Locked Groove’s own record label.

There were soft, fluffy clouds everywhere. They floated between the towering skyscrapers and hung thick close by the mountains in the distance. It were as if they had been painted pink against a backdrop of delicate pale blue.

Kyoto was a magical place, it was unlike anywhere he’d ever been before. The sounds, the people, the buildings and the atmosphere which danced between the backstreets.

It was a shame to be leaving, he might never come back.


Locked Groove is a producer who has played a crucial role in the evolution of a new wave of house music. From early releases on Hotflush and Turbo through to his own self released material of late – there has been a consistency and progression to his sound which is hard to contest.

Melody has always played a big part of his sound – his latest EP is titled “C2FX” and features this track called “Kyto”. It’s a beautiful, humble track with a hint of melancholy. Beautiful as ever.