Premiere: Esprit Divers – Neophobia (Third Son Remix)


Catalan DJ and producer Coyu makes his debut under a new moniker for Mexican imprint Duro.

Schedules and routines ruled his life; any diversion from the norm and he felt as though his world was caving in. Every day was the same: he at the same meals, walked the same route to work, went to bed at the same time.

Others thought he was stubborn and unwilling to try new things, but it was something irrational that he couldn’t explain – the fear of the unknown was too much for him to comprehend.


Esprit Divers is the new alias of Catalan DJ and founder of Suara, Coyu. Following a release on Kompakt’s Speicher X series he now heads to Mexican imprint Duro for a two-track EP titled Neophobia, which is full of metallic, driving rhythms. Backed up by a remix from Polymath boss Third Son, the release is the next chapter in Coyu’s adventure under this fresh moniker, which will be a vehicle for him to explore different sounds ‘based on the idea of music of contrast: light and dark, sorrow and hope, mind and soul.’