Premiere: Caldera – Full Time Vacation

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Melbourne’s Branch Points bring together six artists for their first ever VA EP.

The phone rang off the hook, the shrill tone resounding around the room. Suddenly he jolted upright, out of his daydream and back into reality; back intro the throes of his working day… He took the receiver off the hook, and closed the door to his office – work could wait. Though he’d played the game and hustled his way up to the top, he still believed that people shouldn’t spend their whole lives working – working for what exactly? Now he was just counting down the days until he could take that full time vacation.


Proprietors of ‘Mutations of the Hardcore Continuum’, Melbourne’s Branch Points are enlisting the help of six artists for their first ever VA release. Featuring artists from across the globe, the EP brings together Pugilist, Caldera, Dawn Razor, Lithe & Imitation Therapy, Hartta and Barley, all of whom offer up their own takes on functional club music. Of course, it’s not that straightforward though: the producers all roam the off kilter spaces of dance music, exploring complex rhythms, staccato beats and rumbling bass frequencies.