Premiere: D.Yaroslav – Diana Harmony

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D.Yaroslav releases music in aid of Ukranian humanitarian fund “Grains of Peace”.

Her name was beautiful and twisted. It were as if it could be sung by a beautiful songbird upon the morning breeze. Diana Harmony left her house each and every morning with an elegant smile upon her face, a spring in her step and joy in her heart.

Who knew what was hiding beneath the surface? What traumas? What struggles? What perils?

Who could even begin to care when she looked so happy and glad all of the time? This was the trick you see, Diana got sad too. More than you might ever even know…


D.Yaroslav, the Dug Up The Bongo founder, is releasing a seven track EP come album in aid of Ukranian humanitarian fund “Grains of Peace” being spearheaded by 20ft Radio.

The release is available via Whypeopledance who have been behind a number of charitable causes in the wake of the war following Russia’s invasion.

Buy the release HERE. Listen below: