Premiere: Harley Ferris – Atom Splitter

Harley Ferris – Collider – Artwork [LOWRES 40%]

Melbourne’s Spinning Around host the Sydney-based producer’s debut release.

From up here they could see the stars so clearly, each and every constellation shined brighter than ever before. You almost forgot that the stars existed living in a big city, the sky was consistently hazy and full of pollution, blocking out all of the atmosphere above. The clarity of the night sky brought clarity in their minds too; there was no longer a thousand tasks and responsibilities clouding their heads – out here, away from the rat race, they felt free.


Spinning Around are welcoming newcomer Harley Ferris to the label family for his first ever release, Collider. The imprint, run by Hyung 형 (fka Highly Minogue), started life in 2021 as an extension of Hyung’s community radio show on Area 3000, and is now on its third release following a compilation and instrumental piano LP. This one sees Spinning Around move further into the realms of dance music, with four original tracks that weave together elements of progressive house, trance and breakbeats full of euphoric grooves. On the flip we’re treated to two reworks from fellow Aussie producers Sam Alfred and Personal Growth, who bring their own distinctive takes.


Collider will be released on 31st May via Spinning Around.