Premiere: Eliezer x NINAY – Acido Ramla


The Tel Aviv producer brings friends on board for his new release on New Day Everyday.

Something was on his tail and he didn’t know what. There’d been no time to look back over his shoulder, the only focus was to keep up the pace and hope whatever it was didn’t catch up with him. He had no idea what his destination was and the streets were becoming increasingly unfamiliar the further he ran. Gasping for breath he felt his body start to slow as his heart rate soared, he’d not though about what would happen when he’d run out of steam, but that time was closing in…


Eliezer loves a good collaboration. The Tel Aviv-based artist thrives when he joins forces with artists peddling a similar sound: the likes of Middle Sky Boom, Niv Ast and, more recently, Ackerman, under the guise of Deadly Weapons. Of course he releases solo too but for his next EP, a return to local label New Day Everyday, he’s bringing more friends along for the ride – some old and some new. Affiliates Niv and Ackerman are back on board, joined by vocalists Vongold and Isadora and the minds behind Mexican label Duro, as well as NINAY who’s the collaborator for our pick, a sludgy old school acid cut with a subtle Middle Eastern touch.