Premiere: Drone – Polar Opposite

5 Minute Read
PACKSHOT Drone – Polar Opposite – Sector 7

Heavy bass driven material on Sector 7 Sounds.

The night was dark and cold – it was surprising quite how chilly it could get once the sun had sunk beneath the mountains. For during the day it was the polar opposite – heat beamed down upon the great desert and left no room for anything to grow.

As they travelled across the outback, the only noise they’d hear was the intermittent rumble of thunder in the distance as another storm broke. The wind howled against the rickety old buggy as they sped across the wild sands, across dunes and great plains.

How had they found themselves out here? So lost and all alone.


It’s a bassy heavy Friday we tell you! Drone is a Bristol based producer and dj set to release a new EP packed with raucous sounds for the heads. This one will be released by Sector 7 Sounds and tonight there’s a release party happening for those of you so inclined.