Premiere: Kareem El Morr – Sidequest

5 Minute Read

Fast paced, cutting edge techno makes up a rogue B side from Kareem El Morr.

There were many adventures to be found on the flip side – at least that was what he’d been told by teachers and parents long ago.

“Choose a path that suits you” is what they’d told him before gazing off in to the distance as if to mourn the loss of their own missing adventures.

Never did he want to recreate such a gaze and so, now, as he began to embark upon a perilous quest into the unknown he took a deep breath. For this was his side quest, perhaps it had been where he was destine all along…


Kareem El Morr is a producer whom we have featured prominently in recent times, that’s largely due to the consistency of the output and the strength of the music the Munich based producer has been releasing.

For us the real gem on this new EP for RFR Records comes in the form of the B side, a ‘Sidequest’ if you will…

Buy it HERE.