Premiere: A-Tweed – Dragonfly


The Rome-based producer makes his return to Electric Shapes.

There was a harsh chill in the air this evening; it was a sudden departure from the warm days they’d become accustomed to of late. Shorts and T-Shirts were quickly exchanged for jumpers and scarves and the smiling groups who’d gathered each day to bask and bathe in the sunshine were no longer anywhere to be seen. What a contrast from one day to the next, not only in the weather or the people’s attire but the mood that it provoked…


As a producer, remixer and collaborator, Rome’s A-Tweed has been busy at work of late. His productions have been coming out think and fast on the likes of Playground records, Feines Tier, Duro, Sinchi Collective and Electric Shapes – the Lithuanian label he’s making a return to for his newest release Crack Of Dawn. Two originals and two reworks from Electric Shapes affiliate Rambal Cochet and Aditya Permana make up the release, all of which are built on sludgy, crawling acid, trance and EBM influences.