Premiere: Elfenberg – Ravers Association (Juan MacLean Remix)


The Swedish duo fuse 90s house and acid influences on a new EP for Playground Records.

Pre-rave jitters had set in; her stomach was doing somersaults and her legs felt like jelly. These feelings were fuelled by excitement and anticipation, but she still had no idea what to expect of the evening, it was all completely new to her. Friends had told her about the wonders of these underground parties but she really had to see it for herself, at the moment it felt like an imaginary utopia, a place too perfect to actually exist…

Swedish producers Viktor and Henrik are the minds behind Elfenberg. Having released music on the likes of Bordello A Parigi, Wrong Era, Trampoliner and Rotten City Records, to name a few, the pair now take their creations to Barcelona’s Playground Records for A Cow Called Belle. Harking back to the rave and acid house sounds of the early 90s, the three original cuts marry rolling grooves and squelchy, driving synth lines, which are pushed further into trance-inducing territory by Iñigo Vontier and Juan MacLean who take care of the remixes.