Premiere: Silvestre – Luzes

5 Minute Read

The Portugese dj and producer unveils a new album.

The river was secluded and nestled deep within the forest – very few people knew how to find this magical and remote spot.

They had walked for miles to find it, little gave away the location but for the occasional trodden leaf or the signs of a faint footpath once walked by another wild, lost soul.

Here they would spend the day, nestled beneath the glow of the warm summer sun, the smell of paint fumes thick in the air as they changed the colour of the concrete to a radiant red and dazzling gold.


Some might call this a heaven spot, others might call it a dump but to them it was home.

Silvestre is a Portugese dj who has released some of the most innovative electronic sounds to emerge from the country in recent times having appeared on the likes of Secretsundaze, Meda Fury and Diskotopia. Now he returns to Padre Himalaya for an album which cements his identity as one of the most intriguing and expressive artists in the country.