Premiere: Maelstrom & ELO – Despega

5 Minute Read

A rugged bass driven mutation on Nuits Sonores.

The clouds parted and a shiny, beautiful vision emerged against the sunny backdrop. It were as if the gates of heaven themselves had been opened and a red carpet unfolded as they wandered upwards towards the sky.

There were strange colours which flickered and flashed as the weather systems collided and became unlike anything that he’d seen before back down on planet earth.

Soon he would be in the heavens amidst the choirs of angels and the dancing creatures of the ethereal pink and blue skies.


Maelstrom & ELO collaborate on a track for a new Nuits Sonores compilation called ‘Atlantic Stereo’ which celebrates the festivals legacy and longstanding relationship with Colombian musicians.

This one bangs hard – you’ve been warned.