Premiere: Azole – Sandstone (Romain Fx “Valley of the Moon” Remix)

Azole_remixes_EP_artwork (1)

Azole’s release on Lithuanian imprint Where Were We? gets the remix treatment.

She couldn’t recall a sunset so breathtaking; shades of purple, red, gold and orange seared through the sky, burning hot like the embers of a fire. It framed the desert, making the landscape feel a little less expansive and sprawling than it really was. This place was truly magical, it were as though the scenery was for her eyes only, a secret that nobody else was allowed to know.


Lithuania’s Where Were We? are following up their last release from Azole with a stellar remix release. The duo’s EP, Mr. Sutherland – a titular tip of the hat to the Australian keys maestro – was packed full of bouncy Italo jams and funky grooves, which get driven into more interstellar realms on this new package. All adept at manoeuvring in cosmic worlds, alongside alternate takes from Endrik Schroeder and Ivan Fabra, the label bring on board regular remixers Black Feeling and Romain Fx, who takes us on a joy ride through the desert with his “Valley of The Moon” remix.