Premiere: E-Talking – Wonky I

5 Minute Read

E-Talking self releases a new EP packed with club driven heat and deep moving textures.

This was not one thing or another. The machine was baffled and confused by its perfect array of imperfections which meant it could not be neatly packaged or placed within the categories by which it knew.

See, here was the thing, humans were always wonky. They could not be paired to the constraints of societal brackets, for then there would be little left in the realm of imagination or creative freedom. I was not we – it never had been.

Sparks began to fly as the construct of reality was shattered beneath the weight of its own clumsy foolishness. How had they ever imagined they might get away with it? For they themselves, were wonky after all.


E-Talking is a producer we’ve followed for years, both independently and as one half of Nummer – the hardware duo who have released music on the likes of Going Good.

E-Talking has appeared independently on the likes of Going Good and AD93 fka Whities. This next EP enters new territories, targeting the club directly with foreboding cuts of electronic music built for the dancefloor.

Listen below: