Premiere: Yuu Udagawa – Forever

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

Fruity, floaty, abstract electronica from a producer not afraid to have fun.

The hot air balloon drifted up into the sky, it could be seen overlooking the city, those perched in the tiny wicker basket below watched down upon a busy world of hustle and bustle.

The sky was clear but in the distance there was the odd cloud splattered against a deep radiant blue backdrop. The sun beamed down upon them as they continued to rise in the glow of the morning.

Perhaps this is what it felt like, flying that is. He’d always imagined it might be weightless and freeing, yet as he sat perched in the small booth he realised it was far more than that. It was a sense of being, a state of forever in which you might never land and touch back down to earth. That would be dreamy he thought..


Yuu Udagawa is set to release a new EP, a fruity assortment of fun electronic mischief which is reminiscent of early DJ Koze and old downtempo beat tapes. This one gets a big green tick and a thumbs up from us.

Listen below: