Premiere: Doline – Mill The Pink Link


The Sound Pellegrino affiliate returns to Clad’s Grid Records for his debut album.

Thick droplets of water hit the basin with a loud thud, like a ticking clock counting down to an unknown event. The room was cold and damp, the wall paper had begun peeling all over and thick layers of dust had settled on every surface; it was no place for a person to inhabit, at least not any more. Once upon a time this room and the home it was in had been a sanctuary to many; a place that brought comfort and happiness; a place that was loved and looked after – now it lay dormant, a relic of the past forgotten with time.


Doline’s new release marks two big milestones for the artist and its home Grid Records; a debut album and the first long player on the label. The French artist and Sound Pelligrino affiliate has already released on the imprint back in 2021 and this follow up, Dompte-regard, is another showcase of his deftness at sound design and playing with mood and tempo. It’s refined as ever, pairing melodic touches and glistening synth lines, which have it sitting somewhere between the club and home listening.