Premiere: Nathan Dawidowicz – Idea’s Eve


The Berlin-based producer takes us on a personal, spiritual journey with his first mini LP on Lustpoderosa.

The road ahead would never be clear, she knew that much to be true. It had already been an intrepid journey to get to this point; one fraught with twists and turns, near misses and last minute escapes. Each and every obstacle had taught her something, had in some way made her stronger, more resilient, more forgiving and more optimistic about what she might encounter next. A path without any bumps or hurdles would have made the journey far less memorable – after all this was all part of the rich tapestry of life.


Nathan Dawidowicz first album is, unsurprisingly, a very personal project. On Sanctuary of Ideas, the Berlin-based producer does exactly that by channeling a myriad of different influences and sounds into a collection of cerebral, spiritual compositions to sooth, stimulate and arouse. Neu Verboten’s Lustpoderosa imprint feels like the perfect place for these psychedelic opuses, one of which is a transcendent and mind-expanding 23 minutes long (and took Nathan half a year to finish). Taking cues from Krautrock, jazz, cosmic psychedelia and organic electronica, these three tracks are a reflection of Nathan’s diverse upbringing, his life experiences and memories, and maybe a glimpse at where he’s heading next.