Premiere: Dj Whipr Snipr – When You Left I Lost


The Nerang Recordings boss steps up for a two-tracker on Manchester’s Plaza Recordings.

Words failed her; she was numb, unable to compute the conversation that was playing out before her. It had taken her by surprise. Had she had the wool pulled over her eyes for all this time? Had this been staring her in the face and she’d just chosen to ignore it? She felt blindsided, she hadn’t seen it coming, there’d been no clues or giveaways. Right now, it felt impossible to imagine her life without him, the future seemed obscured…


For their next release Plaza Recordings welcome Gold Coast hailing producer Dj Whipr Snipr to the label. Previously the Mancunian label, run by duo Cortese, have made a home for releases from close pals including Absenol. and Sattama, as well as the pair’s own productions. Championing UK G, breaks and early 90s electronic sounds, the label now call on the Nerang Recordings boss for a two-tracker of twinkling, laidback electro cuts full of lush pads, vocal samples and squelchy acid lines.