Premiere: Far East Flight – Far East Flight (Black Seed Karakorum Remix)


Electric Shapes call on a host of producers to rework the Lithuanian duo’s debut release.

They’d been travelling for as long as they could remember, on course for an unknown destination. Life had become nomadic, they no longer had a firm base or home, but they’d learnt that this could be wherever they laid their hat. Being tied down didn’t suit them, it was adventure and new experiences they were after. Sure enough it didn’t matter where their path took them, those unforgettable escapades seemed to always follow suit.


Almost a year ago, Lithuanian imprint Electric Shapes shared the first ever release from Far East Flight. Made up of producers Dovydas Platakis & Gedas Mekšriūnas – AKA Jokios Kultūros and Adventure Society, respectively – the project’s debut eponymous EP showcased their love for all things trance, from psychedelic Goa to progressive cosmic rollers and shamanistic psy-trance. Now they’re breathing new life into the release with an extensive remix LP that brings together artists who tread similar sonic paths, including the likes of Anatolian Weapons, Rambal Cochet, New Veuboten and our pick from Black Seed, who take the originals into downtempo, psychedelic and off kilter territories.