Premiere: Fireground – Be Wild

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

A fast paced EP from Tresor with nods to Detroit and rave culture.

He had never imagined it might down like this, with such reckless abandon and chaos. It was the stuff of magical dreams, a revolution in which the senses were overpowered and a new world was being born before their very eyes. He’d always wondered what it might be like to live this way – so wild and free without the constraints and pressures of the political class.

Some might say that this was anarchy but it was in fact quite the opposite for there was a method to their madness, a rationale and rulebook behind the unprecedented chaos as the workers and the underdogs began to rise up with vigour and strength.

Where would the night end? He did not know, all he did know is that it would be wild.


Tresor is celebrating thirty years, the iconic Berlin record label and club is releasing new music and breathing life back into Techno in the present as it once did back at the very start.

The latest release on the label comes from Fireground – it’s a fun filled Techno affair reminiscent of Robert Hood and the euphoric fast paced jams of the 90’s. This one has been on heavy rotation.

Listen below: