Premiere: Low End Activist – Bodysnatchers


The Bristolian Grime and Bass maestro releases a new long player on his own Sneaker Social Club imprint.

She lived on edge, each day the same feelings of anxiety and paranoia followed her around, like a thick grey cloud hanging over her head. It felt like nowhere was safe; she couldn’t shake off the worry that no matter where she ran or hid, they’d be able to track her down. Life was one big game of cat and mouse, and soon enough she’d be caught. It was simply a matter of when, and once that eventuality happened, what they’d do with her next.


After releasing Low End Activism on the label a few years back, Berlin-based bass and grime master Low End Activist returns to his own Sneaker Social Club imprint for a new long player. ‘Hostile Utopia’ is a sprawling collection of 14 tracks full of bass weight, swung rhythms and infectious beats. Also known for his work as Patrick Conway, and Trinity Carbon with Appleblim, LEA brings on board a host of collaborators to add their touch to the instrumentals, including the likes of Emz, Mez and Killa P.


Hostile Utopia is out on 17th June via Sneaker Social Club.