Premiere: Tamburi Neri – Bolle di Dolore (Off The Meds Remix)


The Swedish-South African quartet remix the Italian duo for Danza Tribale.

Life could be turned upside down in the blink of an eye. There was no time to think or plan, they had to act now before it was too late. All they’d worked for, built and collected would have to be left behind; their homes, their belongings, everything they owned. Time was of the essence, their lives were no longer safe. Their destination was uncertain, but leaving was their only option.


Tamburi Neri share their next release Bolle di Dolore (translating as Bubbles of Pain) on Adiel’s Danza Tribale imprint. A return to the label for the Italian duo, following last year’s Urlo EP which included four interpretations courtesy of Marcel Dettman, the release is a response to the emotions that come with the events happenings around us in the world, specifically those who have fled their homes in search of a better life. Sonically it’s a journey through ominous, unfurling atmospheres punctuated by tribalistic rhythms, which comes to a close with a remix of the title track from Swedish-South African four-piece Off The Meds who add acid lines and their signature guttural tones.