Premiere: Ambien Baby – Engendrx

5 Minute Read
Etikett 100.eps
Written by Alasdair King

The duo made up of Nap & D.Tiff return with a new EP showcasing their penchant for mutant acid come trance.

The machine had been sat dormant for a very long time. Some had believed it might never be reactivated out of fear of danger or harm. Scientists had in the meantime, gathered results and studied everything it had given them in the years before. They too had never imagined that it might ever be brought back to life.

The laboratory was crowded and busy, the busiest it had been for months. It’s funny how an existential threat had the power and capacity to draw people toward that of which they were afraid. That was human nature perhaps.

Soon Engendrx would be relaunched and the discoveries it might lead to were beyond anyone’s comprehension. Outside protesters gathered and shouted as they anticipated it might lead them straight to hell…


Ambien Baby is the duo of Nap & D.Tiff – close friends who have used the project so far to showcase their off piste approach to electronic music. This time they venture into the realms of acid and nu trance – slowing things down a bit with a drugged up EP which wobbles and wanders between sounds and textures. Highly recommended as always – imagine a dark red room and this played out loud.