Premiere: Jorkes – You Will Be Mine

PACK SHOT Jorkes – Sweet Dreams EP – Live At Robert Johnson

The Freeride Millenium producer makes his debut on Live at Robert Johnson.

One moment he was there, the next he wasn’t, now lost amongst the crowd of bodies that flooded the dance floor. It was almost like a mirage, perhaps she’d imagined it all and he didn’t exist at all. Their eyes had met across the dance floor and instantly something had clicked; she knew she had to have him, and nine out of 10 times she got what she wanted. Tonight was one of those exceptions; that would be the last time she’d lay eyes on him, a mystery he’d remain…


Vienna-based producer Jorkes has been making a name for herself through her carefully curated queer-focused label, Freeride Millenium, and long-standing residency on Munich’s Radio 80000. Jorkes’ productions mirror her approach to DJing: they’re a sultry mix of disco, cosmic house and synth-soaked sounds that embody a sense of sexual freedom that Jorkes has always connected with the dance. Live at Robert Johnson is the next home for their creations: a four-track EP titled ‘Sweet Dreams’ which represents another deep dive into cosmic grooves and deep, disco-tinged house.


Sweet Dreams will be released on Live At Robert Johnson on 15th July.