Premiere: ALF CHAMPION & MDHNTR – Hi Enerugí

Remmah Rundown 02 Anna Gram _ Alf Champion & MDHNTR

Hammer rounds up some of his favourite artists from across the world for a compilation on his Remmah label.

A crowd began to swell outside the club; people of all ages and from all walks of life gathering with one motivation: to dance. Beyond the doors the beat throbbed and pulsed, seeping out into the world each time the door cracked open. On entering the energy took hold of you instantly: the rhythms moving your body; the lights overhead sending you into a trance. Time seemed to stand still in here, there was no knowing how many hours had passed. But it didn’t matter, as long as the energy was high, they weren’t going anywhere.


Remmah, the label helmed by Northern Irish DJ and producer Hammer, has called on the talents of several producers from all around the world to contribute to his Remmah Rundown compilation. Featuring old friends and new faces, and spotlighting both established and emerging producers, the release is a lovely spread of all the sounds that Hammer holds dear, from Italo disco and acid-techno to cosmic house jams. Several artists return to the label, the likes of Stevie Cox, Fossil Archive, Anna Gram and KILIMANJARO, whilst there’s debuts from artists like Club Tularosa, YSANNE and our pick from Fucanglong files co-founder ALF CHAMPION and fellow Mexican artist MDHNTR.