Premiere: Alec Pace – Is This Future Now?

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EYX012_Alec Pace RMX-v11

Alec Pace showcases an eclectic assortment of rough electronics and remixes on a new EP.

There was one question which burned brighter and more pressing than any other. It had been troubling him for some time and had plagued his very existence.

‘Were they in the future and was this real at all?’

Dreamers have always pondered the meaning of life and whilst some were regarded as esteemed men of thought others were simply regarded as lunatics and mavericks.

‘What was he?’

As he wandered slowly through the city streets he looked around him at the miscellaneous faces which passed by without knowing. Little did they know about such big questions.

‘Is this future now?’


This is a track taken from a new EP on Early Reflex predominantly made up of remixes of material originally recorded by Alec Pace. This track however, remains untouched and untampered. A new original which features deconstructed breaks, rough high pitched electronics and a nod to old school bass music culture.

Listen below: