Premiere: A-Tweed – Le Charme Discret


Inside Out Records welcome the Rome-based producer for an EP, featuring remixes from CAIN and Lucas Croon.

In all situations, he didn’t give much away, he preferred to keep his cards close to his chest. It was intriguing; he had a discreet charm that kept her interested – she wanted to know more. But how long would it last? Would the mystique eventually fade or would she simply grow tired of having to break down his walls? She’d have to take the risk to find out and hopefully soon enough she’d be able to peel back his layers.


A-Tweed’s releases come thick and fast. The Rome-based producer and DJ has already charted releases and tracks for Electric Shapes, Odd Pleasures, Belly Dance Services, HEARec and Fienes Tier, and that’s not even the full list. Next he brings his signature psychedelic acid and dark electronic creations to Inside Out Records with Rendezvous in Tangier. He employs his arsenal of machines and hypnotic vocal samples for three original cuts that match deep soundscapes and chugging rhythms, completed by a couple of remixes from Scottish producer CAIN and Salons des Amateurs resident Lucas Croon.