Premiere: Seagoth – Queen (Timothy Clerkin Remix)

Seagoth-Queen art

Bytes welcome Ransom Note family Timothy Clerkin to rework the feminist pop duo.

We all piled in, five of us crammed into one of the tub-shaped cars, giddy and giggling. There was a brief commotion as we argued over who was going to sit next to who, but soon we were off and the laughter continued, slightly more hysterical now. A surly teenager working on the ride immediately gravitated to our car and gave it a spin, sending it lurching in the opposite direction that the undulating ride was travelling. Some cheesy old-rave banger was playing over the soundsystem, Rozalla maybe, it was hard to tell. “Scream if you want to go faster!” Jonny shouted above the din, so of course we did. And the kid with the furry upper lip and biro tattoos duly obliged, the car rotating into oblivion until I was so dizzy I felt sick.


Ransom Note fave Timothy Clerkin has remixed Queen, the latest single from the feminist pop duo Seagoth, which was released on Bytes on June 10. The Manchester-based producer, DJ and boss of Insult to Injury Records has taken Queen on a trip to the free party scene of 1992, with echoes of the Prodigy and old-school rave anthems in the thunderous breakbeats and day-glo melodies.

The glittering glam-rock original was written and produced by 20-year-old Georgia Ochoa (guitarist/lead vocals) in her bedroom at home in Cheshire. Exhausted by the inequality of the sexes, but also fuelled to instigate change, Ochoa wrote this song to highlight the effects of modern day misogyny.


The single and remix are available to download and stream in all the usual places via Bytes.