Premiere: Mark Barrott – Travelling Music (La Torre Reprise)

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LA_TORRE_V4_3000x3000 (1)
Written by Alasdair King

The Hostal La Torre compilation series returns with the best of balearic inspirations.

The battered old car moved slowly on the hot dusty roads. Cacti and wild tropical plants lined the beaten path offering some kind of reassurance that they were in fact heading toward the right direction. The radio occasionally flickered and sparked into life only to abruptly crash back into the realm of static minutes later. Perhaps this was to be their soundtrack – travelling music for a travelling people.

In the distance they could see the waves ripple against the shoreline, it seemed awfully far away yet soon they hoped to swim amidst those cool waters and forget all about the bumps and bangs of the road.

Then there was a stutter, the car stopped as the fog engulfed them all…


The La Torre compilation series is one of the best. We don’t say this lightly – it represents the true sentiment of the balearic spirit which was born in the outback of Ibiza and Mark Barrott knows this better than most.

His track is the only original to feature on the compilation, a magical piece of music for sunsets and quiet moments.

Listen below: