Premiere: A Taut Line – Is It Creation


The Diskotopia co-founder returns to his label for his first solo long player in over five years.

It had been several days since they’d had contact; with each one that passed time seemed to drag, minutes felt like hours and hours felt like days. It seemed like the only solution to their ongoing feud, nothing else had worked for them – time and space was the only way to heal the wounds, if they could be healed at all. It took a lot of will power to stop themselves from connecting… Picking up their phones, flicking through one another’s social media accounts, passing each other’s houses – it had become ingrained; it was muscle memory.


Loss marks the fourth album from Tokyo-based Bristolian A Taut Line, and his first full length record in over five years. Set for release on his own label Diskotopia, which he co-helms with BD1982, the music represents a smattering of his influences, from dub techno, funk and trip hop to acid, ambient and jungle, all thrown into a pot and stirred up good and proper. Like the title of the LP suggests, the theme of loss contextualises the 12 tracks which for the first time feature A Taut Line’s vocals and a palpable sense of expansiveness that has long characterised his output.


Loss is out on 16th September via Diskotopia.