Premiere: Andy Rantzen – The Blender

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Furious Frank’s Mind Dance imprint call on the Australian electronic music veteran for a seven-track album.

Her mind was neither here nor there today; everything had become a big mush of half-finished tasks, immediate deadlines and last minute responsibilities. Trying to put them into some kind of decipherable order was a task in itself, one that would require an amount of focus and concentration that she couldn’t muster up at this precise moment. For now, her thoughts would have to remain a tangled web, a scramble of words and memories all chucked in the blender and jumbled beyond recognition.


Hot on the heels of a release from label boss Furious Frank, Melbourne-based label Mind Dance call on the skills of a veteran of the Australian electronic music scene, Andy Rantzen. Active since the early 90s, both solo and as part of the duo Itch-E and Scratch-E alongside Paul Mac, the Sydney hailing producer follows releases for the likes of 4-4-2 Music, Efficient Space and Ken Oath with Return To The Source, a seven-track album of recordings made between 1997 and 2020. Crafted using his hardware set up, the music is raw, stripped back, deep and percussive, touching on machine funk, electro and house.