Premiere: Scaefa – Fault Line

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

Fast paced, synth driven cuts on Troubleshoot.

The phone rang and rang but nobody was home to pick up. They’d all abandoned this place a long time ago, for why would they stay to manage the trials and tribulations of wild callers in the middle of the night.

Never again would they return to the fault line, the red phone could buzz until the heavens called them home for all they cared.

Once upon a time they’d had to work here, answering the questions and complaints of the rich and the oppressive – not any more. The dial tone was all that was left for them now…


Scaefa is set to release a fast paced, synth driven EP on Troubleshoot. This track is a fiery, melodic, synth driven cut ready for loud soundsystems and big rooms. Energetic, euphoric and magnetic sounds at their best.

Listen below: