Premiere: Unknown Assailant – Isolated Mechanics

5 Minute Read

Proper House and Techno reminiscent of the early 2000’s era.

Each part worked in unison, independent from everything else. All together they made up the very structure of something far greater, something which defined us all in ways unknown. These isolated mechanics were the very essence of time, the construct which bound us all in unison whether we liked it or not.

Time was perhaps the only definitive factor upon which there was certainty – the sun would rise and fall, the metrics which passed in between were universal despite their different names. The moments which passed were universal.

This was the sum of us all, nothing else.


This record took us a bit by surprise when it landed in the inbox – a new one from the mysterious Unknown Assailant. A vinyl only project which has received support from the likes of Answer Code Request, Truncate, James Ruskin and Tripeo. This one is reminiscent of the House and Techno which cemented the early 2000’s and that is a very, very good thing.

Listen below: