Magazine returns with a new album from Friday Dunard

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The Cologne based record label is back with a new record from Friday Dunard.

Run by longtime collaborators Barnt, Crato, and Jens-Uwe Beyer, Magazine is back with the release of a new album called “Rhenus Aeternus”. Set for release on the principle strand of the record label – it marks the beginning of a new chapter for the imprint which has acted as an outlet for left of centre experimental electronic music and avant garde.

The new album is by Friday Dunard – a producer who hasn’t released a lot of material but for the odd record here and there. Despite having put out one or two obscure trance tracks in the 00s, Friday Dunard only really fully surfaced in the late 10s, with releases on Magazine and his own label SPA, which he has been running with DJ Brom and Phillip Jondo since 2018. Dunard’s sound moves fluidly between trance, bass music, kraut, ambient and radio drama. He can be heard regularly on on NTS (SPA Radio).


The album features an abstract assortment of electronic sounds and influences, paired with broader thinking and key moments which inspired various sounds as the label explains…

“Friday Dunard pulls the sawtooth from trance. Now he whistles elegiac prayers to mystical rivers on it. He lets it bubble out of battered cans of Monster Energy. He sings a protestant canon with it. And in the end it’s trance again. Just like when we were guessing track intros with Ben.K on When Fruity Loops was the actual homework. When PvD appeared on Stuttgart’s Schlossplatz, or James in a basement a little further on. Duni shares the river with Karlsruhe, the harbor with the Cologne label Magazine. There, not far from a SPA, the “Gerade” EP docked a few years ago. In the summer of 2023, it’s “Cast off!” for “Rhenus Aeternus” – the first Dunard album on Magazine.”

Watch a video for a new single from the release below: