Premiere: Kyle Hall – Colbalt

5 Minute Read

The Detroit producer ups the pace on a new EP for Apnea.

This was a solid like no other, a chemical with properties so powerful it might ignite and power the very core of the earth itself. Deep beneath us all it was there, under the very ground on which we walked day by day, a forgotten compound which facilitated the very existence of us all.

The planet continued to spin, a small bulb in an otherwise chaotic and expansive universe. What else was out there was not known but the rock upon which we stand was as solid and as good a guess as any as to the chemical energy which made us all.

Deep cobalt, it kept us all afloat.


Kyle Hall remains one of the most innovative producers in the Dance and Electronic music circuit – pushing the sensibilities and limitations of House and Techno through experimental use of dusty sounds and grooves. The Detroit artist moves firmly forward with a faster paced EP built for the faster dancefloors.

Listen below: