Premiere: Michal Turtle – Are You Psychic?

5 Minute Read
INVINC 35 Outer Sleeve Deepgrooves

Michal Turtle returns with a new record on Invisible Inc.

Wandering through the twilight, he looked up at the moon so very far away and wondered what it might be like to soar. He had always dreamt of careering through the clouds, beyond into the darkness so as to escape from the chaos and strife of the world down here below. It would be ever so magic.

He wondered what others would think of his wild, reckless fantasies. What would they think of his strange longing to leave it all behind? Would they think he was crazy or bewildered…

In the distance he saw a flyer framed in a shop window. It was illuminated by a faint, flickering glow.

‘Are you psychic?’ is what it read.


Michal Turtle is an esteemed and well renowned figure in leftfield, experimental music having been releasing material for some 40 odd years. Now Invisible Inc. have the privilege of releasing a record titled ‘Same Songs, Different Room’. A record comprised of material reimagined and remastered, from the ground up. New versions of much loved classics and forgotten gems.

Listen below: