Premiere: Phillipi – Hacido

5 Minute Read

DEEWEE ready a new EP from label familiar Phillipi.

The noises were echoing and reverberating down the hall – it was dark as he moved slowly past each room glancing inside to see if they might be the source of the strange and mysterious sounds. There was a fog which lingered in the air and the floor was sticky beneath. This was the spot all right.

Shadows moved passed him in the corridor, dark faces illuminated only by the occasional flicker and flash of lights from somewhere up above.

This was the sort of place that his parents had warned him about, the sort of place which stank of trouble. Perhaps that was what he had been looking for all along…


DEEWEE is always a force to be reckoned with. Leftfield dance music drawing from a sprawling array of influences make up the tapestry of this unique and innovative record label. Phillipi is a musician who has featured prominently on the label previously and now returns with a new EP which showcases a mixture of Proto – House, EBM and Slo-Mo sounds.

Listen below: