Premiere: Ouanounou – Carmy (DJ Marfox Remix)

5 Minute Read

Energetic, frenetic Bass via a wild remix from Portuguese DJ Marfox.

The jeep moved quickly across the dirt terrain, the wheels squealed and whipped up the dirt from the old beaten track beneath. The roof was down as they whizzed through the jungle on either side, flashes and flurries of deep hazy green was all that could be seen – for in the wild undergrowth wild things lurked.

From time to time they’d catch a glimpse of the dense blue sky up above. The trees mostly overshadowed everything as they travelled.

Soon it would be darkness and the land would become as black as the night above.


Dj Marfox features on remix duties as part of an extensive package between Ouanounou and Gipsyan. This remix of ‘Carmy’ is wild and energetic, a raucous assortment of sirens, synths and bouncing percussion.

Listen below: