Premiere: James Curd – Sublime Mind (Byron The Aquarius Remix)

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Premiere: James Curd – Sublime Mind (Byron The Aquarius Remix) [PRONTO]

A pumper of a rework from Byron The Aquarius of Curd’s new outing.


James Curd and Sublime Mind, Byron The Aquarius, remix so fine,
Dancing to the beat, groove in line, PRONTO, the rhythm, feeling divine.

In a world of whimsy, we unwind, Funk and melodies, our hearts entwined,
With James Curd and Byron, we’re inclined, To let go of worries, leave them behind.

Sublime Mind’s magic, a treasure to find, In this musical journey, we’re redefined,
With every note and rhythm so kind, PRONTO, let’s dance, our souls aligned.



The excellent James Curd’s new single “Sublime Mind,” was “inspired by a journey of two friends, enchanted by the mystique of an ageless sculpture – they traverse the Adriatic, seeking the original statue, only to find its reflection in the enigmatic Catherine. As they bask in her presence, they swear an oath – she’s different, she’s unique.”

We’re premiering the equally excellent Byron The Aquarius pumper.

Listen below: