Premiere: Beatrice M. – Call [Hundert]

5 Minute Read

Beatrice M.’s latest release, “Call / Response,” explores the early 2000’s dubstep era, evoking memories of lost friendships and the genre’s evolution.

In the land of Beatrice M.’s rhyme,
Where “Call” meets “Hundert” in a chime,
A nonsensical dance, so sublime,
In whimsy and wordplay, lost in time.

Hundert’s call, a dubstep spree,
A blend of beats, wild and free,
Through the dubstep forum, a jubilee,
Lost friendships revived in melody.

Call and response in a curious dance,
As Beatrice M. takes a chance,
With bass-heavy love, a rhythmic trance,
Nonsense echoes in every glance.


Beatrice M.’s two-track single reflects on the artist’s journey from dubstep’s contentious transformation into finding solace in a post-dubstep landscape. Acknowledging the genre’s evolution, the EP explores the roots of dubstep while putting forward a new direction for the artist, blending technoid and dub influences.

Listen below: