Jozef K launches new label, Dreaming Forever

DF Insta 001

Manchester DJ and producer Jozef K has announced the launch of his new label, Dreaming Forever.

The first release, which will be announced soon comes from Jozef K himself, with reworks from Tin Man and Skudge.

There’s plenty more in store too with music in the pipeline from Vril, Surgeons Girl, Marie Lung, Kempston Hardwick and more.


The label name has two meanings. In his own words the first is ‘a message of hope and optimism; if one is able to continually create new ideas, eventually one will catch alight. It is a basic mathematical principle that the more times you attempt something, the more likely you are to achieve it.’ The other meaning is one of self-reflection. He admits to leaving in his own head a lot and the name will serve as a reminder to be more present in the moment.

Jozef K has been producing for over a decade, releasing music on the likes of Chiwax, Rawax, Acid Test and Lets Play House. He’s released collaborative records with the likes of Tin Man and Winter Son.

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