Third ‘Dance Across Borders’ compilation will raise money for Solidarity Against Borders


Montreal platform Dance Across Borders have brought together 13 artists for a collaborative compilation in aid of Solidarity Against Borders.

The third volume in their charitable compilation series, the releases are aimed at connecting artists from different countries to make a stand against state brutality, and serve as a reminder that music can unite people across borders.

The release is made up of six collaborative tracks from 13 artists in Montréal, Tokyo and Vienna, who are exploring EBM, industrial, experimental and techno.


All profits from the release will be donated to Solidarity Against Borders, a Montreal-based non-profit organisation that works to protect human rights.

To celebrate the release, on 18th November 18th a release party will take place at a church basement in Montréal to raise funds for Milton-Parc food bank.

Dance Across Borders is out now.